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This app helps a busy lawyer quickly send themselves or an assistant a time entry email to be entered into their primary time keeping system. Perfect for catching time spent on an unexpected client phone call, or just when you’re sitting on the bus home and remember something you’ve done during the day.

The problem:

  • Most lawyers are not using time catching app that their firms provide.

  • Time spent are often not recorded as they are usually just jotted down in paper which gets lost or just gets forgotten.

  • Our Insights:

  • Lawyers are not using the time catching app because they are too complicated to use. The user has to adjust to how they are programmed and often times is a burden for the users to use.

  • Lawyers find it easier to just jot down in paper their time spent in work, rather than go through the hassle of opening their app and go through unusable functions.

  • Our Solutions:

  • Make a customized iOS time catcher application that is hassle free to use.

  • Focus on functions that are useful and remove anything that is not needed.

  • Easy recording for lawyers by using either units or time recorder and email sending functions.

  • Clients Response:

    “I engaged the team at Connxt to design and build a lawyer timekeeping app for me and my colleagues, to help us better track and bill our time. The app is exactly what we were hoping for! Connxt was helpful and responsive throughout. I would definitely recommend Connxt to others.”

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