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Your Perfect Place App

A web application that shows the user the best place to live in according to the indices valued most. This also shows places that would be least suitable for the user.

Their need:

  • An Interactive website that would cater to the Quality of Life Measure project.

  • Data gathering and analysis of the World and US data to be used.

  • Visualize the research that the center has undertaken regarding the quality of life.

  • Our solution:

  • A compelling website that generates interest in the Quality of life.

  • An online questionnaire that gives users an idea of their life-ability.

  • An interactive map that shows data that suggests living standards in different parts of the world.

  • An interactive web application that shows where the ideal place a person could live in by choosing the indices provided in the study.

  • Statistical work that includes online data gathering, interpolations and updates to keep the interactive apps and reports up to date.

  • Take a Look at the Screenshots

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